Featured image of post Run .exe Application in Azure Functions in Powerful Way

Run .exe Application in Azure Functions in Powerful Way

When you need to run some executable file/console application in cloud, you don’t want to run to take care about a VM/container. A lot of workloads can be made totally serverless with Azure Functions only – with tricks described in this post.

Azure Functions and forbidden sockets exception

What to do, when your Azure Function/Azure Web App application, after some time running, starts failing outgoing connections (e.g. HttpClient requests) on SocketException, but after restart your app starts to work.

Featured image of post Optimize Azure CosmosDB costs

Optimize Azure CosmosDB costs

Azure CosmosDB is one of the best NoSQL databases I ever worked with. But in many use cases, this database makes your budget bleeding. This post describes this service pricing & how to optimize costs (mostly for MongoDB-styled developers).